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Sweet and Sour Prawns
Mix Recipes

Sweet and Sour Prawns Recipe

Here is easy sweet and sour prawns recipe Indian prepared in just 20 minutes. The sweet and sour prawns in the batter are also the popular recipe. Let’s see how we have made the sweet and sour prawns Cantonese style. Prep Time: 20 Minutes Level: Easy Serves: 3

Nihari Recipe
Beef Recipes, Pakistani Recipes

Nihari Recipe

Many people search for beef, mutton and chicken nihari recipe. This recipe is also known as sabri nihari, delhi nihari and Pakistani nalli nihari recipe. But how to make nihari at home in the best way? Here we are going to give you simple way of making nihari at home. Just follow […]

Kunna Recipe
Mutton Recipes, Pakistani Recipes

Mutton Kunna Recipe

Mutton kunna recipe is also known as kunna gosht recipe is very popular in Asian counties and loved by whole family, especially young generation. The recipe is very easy to make and only takes 10 minutes for preparation. This kunna recipe with masala doesn’t need any expert for preparation. Just follow […]

gola kabab recipe
Chicken Recipes

Gola Kabab Recipe

Looking how to make gola kabab ? Here we have given gola kabab recipe in english. The recipe needs 80 minutes to prepare and is enough for four. The recipe is best to serve in the evening with tea. Lets see how we made this recipe. The recipe made in […]

Karachi Biryani Recipe
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Karachi Biryani Recipe

Today we are going to make Karachi biryani recipe (white biryani karachi) prepared in just 10 minutes. The recipe is very popular in Asian countries and loved by the young generation. Just follow our given steps and make delicious Karachi biryani recipe at your home today. Prep Time: 10 Minutes […]