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Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews 2019: All That You Need to Know Before Buying

Most of us crave to have coffee all the times, and coffee makers ensure we quickly get it anytime. Out of different types of coffee makers available in the market, Ninja Coffeemaker is the presently the most popular one.

This new craze in the coffee industry comes with all the latest features that include coffee brewing. In general, they are a pocket-friendly solution for coffee lovers. There are different variants of this cool gadget and selecting one could land someone in a hem and haw situation. If your plans are buying a ninja coffee bar for your yourself, then here are the reviews of some of the best ones.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF097

The Ninja Coffee Bar CF085Z model become so popular that the company launched its advanced version the CF097 or the Cafe Forte 097. It has all the features of the previous version along with some latest ones to simplify the process of making coffee. The detachable reservoir and primary thermal flavor extraction are some of the upgrades that make it ideal for your home and office. If you love adding other flavors to coffee, then this model is perfect for you. Be it cold coffee, hot coffee, or iced coffee, but the inbuilt functions will let you make all variants.

Key features

  • The thermal insulation in the form of stainless steel carafe keeps your coffee hot for a longer duration.
  • In no time, you can prepare brew iced coffee with the help of Ninja over ice carafe.
  • It comes with Auto-IQ feature or also called one-touch intelligence that makes the brewing process as simple as a kid’s play.
  • The Clean light indicator tells you the need for descaling.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091

The Cafe Forte 091 has vivid glass carafe system, which gives it an elegant appearance. It is incredibly user-friendly and budget-friendly Ninja Coffee Bar, which includes it among the best coffee makers.

Key features

Being a pocket-friendly coffee bar, it still let the user make up to 10 cups of coffee at one go. Now, that makes it a perfect solution for families and small offices.

  • It features Cafe Forte’s signature brewing system that let the user make a uniquely flavored strong coffee.
  • The in-built frother function allows the user to get additional foam in their coffee.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF112

CF112 is a single-serve coffee bar and is ideal for people who enjoy coffee alone. Its minimalistic build up makes it extremely user-friendly. It has some mind-blowing features that include switching to various brewing techniques.

Best features:

  • It let the user choose between different servers like the hot and cold tumbler.
  • The in-built frothers let the users enjoy extra foam on their coffee.
  • It features advanced thermal flavor extraction technology, which is good for making strong coffee.
  • This robust coffee maker comes with a backing of 12 months.

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF085Z

If you are looking for a fundamental but productive coffee maker that offer simple features, not the high-end ones, then CF085Z would be best for you. It heats the water at a specific temperature before soaking the coffee powder.

Key features

  • It features multi-serve functions of the hot and cold tumbler.
  • The built-in foam frother lets you enjoy extra foam on your coffee.
  • It features thermal flavor extraction technology that can serve you uniquely flavored strong coffee.
  • A one year of manufacturer warranty backs this sturdy coffee bar.

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF080Z

While being a budget-friendly coffee maker, the CF080Z feature some of the latest technologies like built-in hot & cold insulated tumbler and glass carafe system. Due to being flexible and user-friendly, this fantastic coffee bar is into the list.

Key features

  • It features temperature warming plate that let you keep your coffee hot.
  • The hot & cold insulated tumbler empowers you to carry and enjoy the coffee while traveling.
  • It features the detachable water reservoir, which is compatible with dishwashers.

Kinds of Ninja Coffee Brew

Got a new Ninja Coffee Bar? If yes, then depending on your model, here are some of the unique coffee brews that you can make and enjoy with it.

  • If you like classic and smooth hot coffee, then you can go with the Classic Coffee Brew.
  • If you like coffee with extra cream or milk and robust flavor, then the Rich Brew will perfectly suit you.
  • For a refreshing taste, you can try with the Ice Brew and make a cup of thick ice over coffee.
  • Some key features of a Ninja Coffee Bar
  • Ninja Coffee bars offer some of the cool features that you should consider when buying one.

In-built frother

These days, all the Ninja Coffee bars feature both hot and cold frothing. Now, that enriches the taste of your coffee and makes it smoother. You can also equalize the blend of milk using this function.

One touch intelligence aka Auto IQ

As the name suggests, this prominent feature of ninja coffee bar lets you make your coffee quickly without taking many troubles. It enables you to select the size of your coffee with just a couple of clicks. You can also try different kinds of brew like iced, classic or signature via the thermal flavor option. This option also allows you to keep the exact amount of water in your coffee.


This function of Ninja Coffee bars to keep the coffee warm comes in two variants that are as follows:

  • Thermal Carafe: The coffee is warm in it for some hours via insulated walls of stainless steel.
  • Glass Carafe: It includes a warming plate, which keeps the coffee warm at a certain temperature.

Permanent Filter

The Permanent filter lies inside the brew basket and is a common feature in all ninja coffee bars. The best thing about it is one can reuse it after making a coffee every time.

Things to bear in mind before using a Ninja Coffee Bar

Using a Ninja Coffee Bar is easy as a cakewalk, but if you are using it for the first time, then you have to keep some aspects in mind.

Regular Descaling of the coffee bar

Maintaining cleanliness in your coffee bar is essential, and you must do it once a while before it becomes a home to bacteria. It is not just bad for your health but can also ruin the taste of the coffee.

Coffee grounds

The single serve or carafe system can minutely alter the taste, but by large, the feeling of your coffee will largely depend on the bases used in it. Hence, it is essential to use high-quality grounds at right proportions. You shouldn’t flood it and use only the suggested quantity.

Go through the manual

If you’re going to try hands on your new Ninja Coffee bar, then you must go through the instruction manual that comes along with it. You should turn into experimenting mode, especially if you’re a beginner. You should try blending your coffee at different levels only after being thoroughly familiar with the machine.

Paper filter and Brew Basket

You can use a paper filter but only after eliminating the permanent filter from inside. After every usage, you should change the paper filter and dispose of it. It is not advisable to keep a used one inside the basket for a longer duration.

The final verdict

So, this was all we have in reviews of ninja coffee bar. There are so many popular models in the market, which makes selecting one a bit difficult task.

But hopefully, the information mentioned in this coffeely article would have assisted you in buying a suitable coffee maker for yourself.  Now, all you got to do is to keep in mind some aspects like your budget, drinking style, people, etc.



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